One Professional Can Make a Huge Difference

See how Jim Lang has transformed these homes

Ridge Road

On Ridge Road, there was a lonely, old, sprawling country estate. On the outside, it was beautiful. The home had incredible curb appeal. But on the inside, it wasn’t as appealing. It was dark, musky and damaged. The hallway had a severely abused floor. The kitchen looked like it was out of a bad dream. The cabinets, the counters, the canopy were all extremely dull. All of the crown molding was gone around the windows. The home looked like a halfway house!

Jim Lang made sure to revitalize every element of it. Our professional coordinated new furniture, mirrors and new paint jobs throughout the home. The dining room was painted a pale cream, and a chandelier was added. Cabinets were painted and new countertops were placed in. Lang transformed this home, all on a tight budget.

Ridge Road Gallery

727 Round Hill Road

This home is located in one of the most prestigious areas of Indianapolis, but it didn’t look like it. It didn’t have the trim or detail like the other homes around. From the black brick to the gray siding, it was never going to sell. The owners decided to address the issues, and Jim went to work.

He tore off the back room and added in faux shake shingles. He built custom flared Colonial pediments and window boxes, custom wood shutters and coach lights. To top it off, he painted everything – antique white on the window mullions and dark Lexington green shutters.

The house sold in four days. The seller spent $35,000 and made over $90,000.

Round Hill Road Gallery



The Castle Gallery

8001 N Illinois Rd

Some mid-century modern homes can have a design that is appreciated, but this one didn’t fall into that category. With a flat brown-fiber roof, orange brick and large blank windows, the house would never appeal to anyone in any era. But Jim Lang figured out a way to make it work.

Jim Lang and a team of contracted professionals changed up the exterior, added a new wing to the house, a new sunroom, a beautiful large dining room, a barn burning kitchen with custom cabinets, new granite counters and so much more. And upstairs, there’s a spa bathroom and an oversized walk-in shower. The house was sold before the renovations were even finished.

N Illinois Road Gallery



Meridian Kessler

Built by famous local architect O.C. Winters, this classic New England house had seen better days. Once you stepped foot inside, the dark paneling and acoustical tiled ceilings put you off. To brighten up the home, Jim Lang ripped out all of the dark walls and paneling, and completed a number of other changes as well. From adding in custom cabinetry to placing in granite countertops, these superior finishes would end up making a world of difference. Upstairs, our professionals revamped the master bath and added in other small, but noteworthy, additions.

Meridian Kessler Gallery

Meridian Gallery